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PostHeaderIcon What exactly is an SMSF?

It's Self Managed Superannuation Fund or, as the Australian Tax Office puts it, another way of saving for your retirement.

All Australian employees must have a superannuation fund, into which their employer deposits contributions that are effectively compulsory retirement savings.

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PostHeaderIcon Property Investment: Commercial or Residential?

When talking property investment most people generally think residential real estate, often giving little or no thought to commercial property as a viable investment solution.

But a growing number of everyday Australians are recognising the potential of this sector and are cashing in.

Commercial real estate, classified as property assets primarily used for business purposes, consists of three sectors – retail, office and industrial. Each with a range of asset classes, these sectors have their own cycle representing often very different risks and rewards.

Although some commercial properties offer investors yields akin to residential property, around 4%, others can achieve a return of up to 10%, after costs, depending on the asset class and risk rating.

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PostHeaderIcon Interest rates remain on hold yet again

The RBA has once again held the cash rate at 2.5%

If you havent thought about buying in the past then now is the time with rates remaining at an all time low. 


PostHeaderIcon Top 5 things people should consider when signing a lease!

1. That the business is supported with the appropriate market.

2. That the rent they are paying is fair market value.

3. That the business is relevant and will not be impacted dramatically by the internet.

4. That they have an adequate lease term in case they choose to sell their business or assign their lease.

5. They have sought appropriate advice before signing their lease.

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PostHeaderIcon New CPI March 2014

The new CPI ending this March quarter 2014 has risen by 0.6% making it 2.9%. There have been significant increase in domestic and international airfares and accomodation, fruits and vegetables, new home dwellings and tobacco. 

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