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PostHeaderIcon RBA drops rates to record low

The Cash rate has been reduced by 0.25% to a new record low of 2.5%. Read the full report here


PostHeaderIcon Title (property) Risk Insurance

What is it? Why should I get it? What does it cover?

//Adcocks offer Title Insruance for all of our clients. For us, we see this as a simple, low cost protection for our clients against such things as boundary issues, fraud on the title (someone registering a mortgage you did not sign) and illegal possession just to name a few!

I am such a believer in this product - I have it.

for more information click here or contact our office.


PostHeaderIcon South Road Upgrade

In May the Federal and State Government announced funding to improve South Road corridor. The plan is for the  3.7km section between Torrens Road and the River Torrens. The plan is to have 1.4km of the road for non stop travel.

This should see a huge reduction in the current traffic issues. To find out more, click here


PostHeaderIcon RBA drops Cash Rate by 25 points

Read the full media release here!


PostHeaderIcon The Unfortunate Truth About Investing

some interesting thoughts in this article. In partuclar no 6.

Read it here

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